Bidean is a social enterprise that generates concepts to support wellbeing and recovery by co-designing with those who are experiencing mental distress.

Through our collaborative design processes, we use personal insights and experiences to understand why and how we develop mental health problems, and design objects, places and services that would prevent these, support recovery and enhance wellbeing.

Our aim is to unravel insights on why and how we get unwell by co-designing with those most affected by distress, and generate ideas and concepts to both prevent mental health problems and support recovery. These objects, environments and services can then be shared with the community, produced and implemented. 

We support a platform for further developing ideas by working with other organisations and helping participants with their own entrepreneurial initiatives when we can, and soon we will be producing some of our original designs.

If you would like to know how we can work together, you are interested in participating or volunteering or just curious get in touch at;

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Our Practice

Bidean provides a platform of shared agency, encouraging participants to become advocates, creators and makers for organisations as well as developing their own products. 



These products have been co-designed by participants from our workshops. Some of these have now been developed into items that you can buy.