Co Design workshop 

We design and deliver co-design workshop programs tailored to your research questions, project aims and organisational needs.

You may want to organise a single session in order to engage your users in a new project, address a particular brief, or may be interested in longer term assistance from research and concept development to project delivery.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help.


We support organisations that want to improve their products and services through design research and human centred design.



Products & Ideas

Each group of participants within our workshop programme has created a range of design concepts - products, places and services - that positively support and contribute to the mental health arena.

Bidean provides a platform to encourage the implementation of these concepts through the end of programme exhibition, by collaborating with participants and other stakeholders to further develop key designs.

Our portfolio of ideas ranges from apps to tackle PTSD and isolation, social games to help understand boundaries, sensorial garments to soothe anxiety and pop-up tents to promote mindfulness at work.

Please get in touch if you think we can work together to further develop these initiatives, and stay in touch as we will soon be making some of the designed objects!



Bidean was founded in 2014 by Erika Renedo Illarregi and Pras Gunasekera who met each other while studying MA Industrial Design at UAL, building the enterprise from shared dreams in using their skills and experience within social innovation.

Bidean provides a platform of shared agency, encouraging past participants to become advocates and join other workshops as companions as well as supporting them in their own initiatives. We are currently developing a volunteer programme for design students to use their developing skills to support our workshops whilst gaining some experience within social innovation projects. 

Most of our projects we partner with mental health charities and other organisations to reach out to participants, share knowledge and resources and further our impact in the community.




Erika Renedo Illarregi

Erika Renedo Illarregi is a designer and researcher.

She has undertaken research in India and Nepal to uncover how design could unleash the potential of culturally diverse perspectives and experiences to improve the management of mental distress. 

Previously, she worked for Futurefarmers in San Francisco, creating participatory spaces and experiences that help destabilize logics of ‘certainty’ and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration.

She is currently studying a PhD to understand how and why designing affects mental health, works as an associate lecturer at UAL and is director of Bidean, to which she dedicates most of her energy!


Rachita Saraogi

Rachita Saraogi is a designer working within the social innovation, using design thinking, strategy and research to develop connected communities and participatory culture.

She is co-founder of Sisterhood, where she delivers creative workshops for young girls to build their self-confidence, and was one of the first volunteers to co-design with prisoners in a project called Makeright. 

Rachita has recently joined Bidean with a unique set of skills and experience to help keep up with more and more participants wanting to join our projects and more and more ideas to be developed!