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A collaborative project with the V&A, Bidean and Kensington & Chelsea Mind , Generously funded by the The Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation.

Following on from last year’s ingenious designs created by members of the Depression Alliance on the subject of design and environment, this year we shifted the focus of co-designing to wearables and wellbeing; taking inspiration from the Balenciaga exhibition at the V&A, as well as the permanent jewellery and theatre/performance collections.


The crisis café is an NHS initiative at the Homerton Hospital to provide support to people in the community who are experiences a crisis. People can self-refer and it aims to prevent hospital admissions and A&E visits by providing mental health specific support in a pleasant environment. 

We attended the crisis café and used design ethnography to identify ways in which the space could enhance the experience for visitors, and create design guidelines for the Hospital to redesign the space in a flexible way that can transform back to a normal reception during the day.


This project was commissioned by the V&A museum, to work with Depression alliance members to identify everyday adversities that relate to depression and use the museum to generate ideas that respond to these insights. We navigated the V&A galleries as well as the Arup exhibition to understand the connection between our environment and emotions, and create concepts to tackle key issues that relate to the experience of depression.

We designed a collection of product ideas, most of them around the subject of panic attacks in public spaces, as these specific moments intersect many important areas of living with depression -isolation, the home and public space, anxiety, public views and communication.


We worked with Islington Mind to support in the evaluation and redesign of their mental health services through co-design and design research.We used our own methodologies as well as the Service Design Toolkit provided by National Mind to develop new avenues and improve services.

Early Lab

The early lab initiative, consisted of a trans-disciplinary team of students from across the UAL, working with a group of young mental health service users to help scope out a new vision for the design of their local mental health service.

We were asked to design and deliver the opening workshop to enhance a collaborative framework and introduce some of our methodologies to participants, a mixed group of students, young mental health service users, healthcare professionals and professors.

This project was commisioned by the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS trust.

Dragon Cafe

We were supported by the Dragon Cafe to run our 6 week long workshop programme, where participants created design ideas to respond to adversities that related to their mental health.

The final exhibition featured 6 brilliant ideas, that inspired the attendants whilst serving as a platform for various stakeholders and commissioners to get a deeper insight into the issues facing those dealing with mental distress.

Kite Ballet

Bidean supported one of our workshop participants, Zack, in building a new service called Kite-Ballet:

Stemming from his degree in music, his technological skills, a great passion for flying kites and first hand experience of mental distress, Zack has developed this project and prototyped the device, which was showcased at the V&A Tech and Health conference last June.